Sunday, 5 June 2016

Lean How To Earn By Adsense Account

While sitting on all those parked domains for AdSense a couple years, trying to sell them every now and then, I discovered my passion of blogging. Blogging afforded me the opportunity to actually get to know Here , many of which I consider friends to this day. I started to realize, with the exception of a few pioneers, none of us were really making money blogging. I wasn’t too worried, I enjoy blogging and I have developed other streams of income, both online and off. I’m not rich yet, but I’m not going hungry either. 

Bloggers are a rare breed when it comes to online personalities. We tend to get pretty comfortable writing about our daily adventures (can you tell I’m a blogger?) and we don’t edit too much out. Including, for some, the money made from various projects. Many bloggers post a monthly report itemizing every dollar made. These reports range from a few dollars a month to thirty, forty and fifty thousand dollars a month. We get to see, unfortunately, that most of us are in the same boat. 
Suddenly, I notice a trend shift. I am slow to notice these things so I was behind the curve but it seems that many bloggers have taken interest in Google’s AdSense program – again. Isn’t that dead? Is anyone still doing that? I know better, they will see soon enough. It’s a waste of time. Been there done that, right? 
Ok, I begin seeing reports from bloggers I trust claiming to make good money with AdSense. More and more bloggers are moving into the realm of, dare I say it? AdSense Earnings! More specifically, niche AdSense site marketing and other forms of marketing to promote their niche sites. Ok, now I am officially impressed. It took a few years but now I can finally look at Google AdSense earnings and a potentially new method of income because bloggers share with other bloggers. Or at least a few do and I am fortunate to know several of them. And guess what? I am finally ahead of the crowd on this one because I still own over a hundred niche domains. This is going to be great…

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